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Game Inside Outside Active Quiet Level Online
Barnyard Mayhem   X X  


Find the Leader X X   X all  
Human Knot X X X   all  
Memory Circle X X   X B,J,C,S  
Music Map X     X all  
Group of 7 Musical Games (like Musical Chairs) X X X   D,B,J  
Scout-to-Scout X X X   all  
Tapitan (board game - 2 person) X X   X all  
Compass Activity Page           X
Girl Scout Fact Quiz           X
(World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts)
Go FISH with Thin Mint           X
Girl Scout Cookie Quiz           X
KidsDomain Online Games           X

Barnyard Mayhem


Divided into teams of 4 girls (or so). One girl is the farmer and the remaining girls in the team are some type of animal (sheep, cows, ducks, etc. - let them decide, each team picks a different animals but all members of a team are the same animal).

Adult leader scatters the items to collect around a playing area. When the adult leader calls "start" all the teams race off to find items. Only the animals can find the items and only the farmer can pick items up. The animals must act their part - quacking and duck walking if ducks, mooing with fingers pointing up like horns if cows, oinking and curly tail if pigs, etc. The adult leader calls "time" and whichever team has collected the most wins.

Find the Leader

Someone is designated "it." She leaves the room until called. The rest of the troop sits in a circle and a leader is chosen. "It" comes back in and stands in the center of the circle. The leader leads the group in a series of motions, such as hand-waving, foot tapping, head tapping and so on with the group following the actions of the leader. "It" must guess who the leader is. When "it" guesses correctly, she then becomes leader.

Variation: The leader points (i.e. gives some agreed upon and understood signal) to a member of the circle ). When a person is pointed at, they lie down and are out of the game. "It" must figure out who is the leader before everyone other than the leader has dropped out.

Human Knot

5 to 10 girls stand in a circle. Each places her hands in the center and takes hold of the hands of two people other than those standing next to her. The group must work together to untie the knot without releasing hands.

Memory Circle

Sit in a circle. One person begins with an opening line that each person thereafter will repeat. Examples:

The goal is to be able to repeat everything the people before you have contributed and then add one more item. This is a good way to learn names at the beginning of the year or a way to use up an extra 10 minutes when planning for camp!

Music Map

"It" is asked to leave the room. The rest of the troop members decide on something in the room that "it" must touch (or find). The troop sits in a circle on the floor, calls in "it", and starts singing a song. As "it" wanders around the room touching objects, the troop sings softer if she moves further from the selected object and louder as she moves closer to it. When "it" touches the object, everyone cheers loudly.


Best described as "vertical Twister", this game can be played by any age girl and any size group, inside or outside. Girl team up in pairs with one person as "leader." The leader calls out a body part that the people on each team must then touch together, e.g. right thumb, elbow, nose. The leader then calls out a second body part to touch together, gives the girls time to make the contact, and then a third part. Things can get tricky fast, especially with big height differences. After the third "part" is called and connected, the leader yells "Scout-to-Scout" (or Daisy-to-Daisy, Brownie-to-Brownie, etc.) and each girl finds a new partner.

Girl Scout Quiz

WAGGGS Quiz (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts)

Go FISH with Thin Mint

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to topple Thin Mint, the reigning queen of online Go Fish. (Provided online from Little Brownie Bakers. It must be downloaded to your computer.)

Girl Scout Cookie Quiz