Girl Scout Patriotic Fun favorites Rounds
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Animal Fair
(Split into two groups: one sings "The monk, the monk, the monk..." continuously, while the second group repeats the song; groups then switch.)

I went to the animal fair,
The Birds and the Beasts were there.
The big baboon, by the light of the moon, was combing his auburn hair.
The monkey, he got drunk, and sat on the elephant's trunk.
The elephant sneezed and fell on his knees,
And what became of the monk, the monk, the monk ....

Black Socks

Black Socks, they never get dirty,
The longer you wear them the stronger they get!
Sometimes I think I should wash them
But something keeps telling me
No, no, not yet!
Knee sox, they never stay up,
The more that you wear them the downer they get.
Sometimes I think about anklets,
But something inside me says, "Oh no, not yet."

Black (stomp left foot) socks (stomp right foot),
They never (left hand to left thigh) get dirty (right hand to right thigh)
The longer (left hand to right thigh) you wear them (right hand to left thigh)
The blacker (left hand to right shoulder) they get (right hand to left shoulder)...
(second half of the verse; repeat actions)
(During the "Not yet, not yet", snap your fingers on both hands. As you repeat the song, sing it faster and faster.)

Bottle of Pop

One bottle of pop, two bottles of pop,
Three bottles of pop, four bottles of pop,
Five bottles of pop, six bottles of pop,
Seven, seven, bottles of pop, pop!
Fish and chips and vinegar,
vinegar, vinegar
Fish and chips and vinegar,
Pepper, pepper, pepper, salt!
Don't throw your trash in my backyard,
My backyard, my backyard.
Don't throw your trash in my backyard,
My backyard's full!

French Cathedrals (from France)

Orlean, Beaugency
Notre Dame de Clery
Vendome, Vendome

Suitors (from Brazil)

There are suitors at my door   O aleo paquio
Six or eight or maybe more     O aleo paquio
And my father wants me wed  O aleo paquio
Or at least that’s what he said. O aleo paquio

O le o la  O aleo paquio
O le o la  O aleo paquio
O le o la  O aleo paquio
O le o la  O aleo paquio

But I vow I never will
‘Til the rivers run uphill
And the fish begin to fly
And the day before I die

But my father said to me
You will marry and you’ll see
That your dreams will all come true
In a paradise for two

I was married just today
And the rivers run their way
And the fish will surely fly
And tomorrow I must die.