Events for 2016/2017 -- from April 2016 meeting
Ames-Gilbert Girl Scouts

Tentative event schedule:- check calendar for confirmed dates

Day Camp at Izaak Walton June 20-23
Jana Stenbeck

Independence Day Parade July 4
Christy Mayberry  
Council Throw Back Campout 21 and older August 11-12
Bridging / Rededication

September 11

Jana, Jeanette  


September 15


Canoeing - She/She September 25
Jana, LeAnn, Melissa, Cathy

Cooking Badge

October 16

Kappa Deltas

Bowling and Toy Drive - Family Event

November 5

Fall Campout November 11-13
Campus Scouts, Jeanette, Susan Vernon's troop - need more volunteers  

Craft Day

December 3?

Shawn, Rose, Cathy, Emily, APO?  

Cookie Kickoff



Rock Wall Climing / Food Drive January
Trena, Melissa

Powder Puff Derby

February 4?

Rachel, Shawn. Campus Scouts will present "Thiniking about Thinking Day"  
Thinking Day February 18 or 34?
Jana, Campus Scouts  

Pysanky Eggs or Egg Dying


Martha? APO? - need a volunteer  
Earth Day - plant trees and Plant Crafts April
Emily, Nancy Franz?
Fishing - He/She May