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The Junior Girl Scout level ....


All Girl Scout uniforms are optional. Junior Girl Scouts typically wear either a green vest or green sash.


Girls will need the Junior Handbook and Badge book. At this level, girls can - and should - work independently on badges. The Handbook gives them plenty of activities to chose from. When they find something of interest, they can see what badges it applies toward. Then they can look at the specific requirements for a badge and select the activities that they will do to earn that badge.

Badges, Signs and Awards:

There are over 100 badges, signs and awards that Junior Girl Scouts can earn. Most of these are described in either the Badge Book or the Junior Handbook. To earn a badge, a girl must complete at least six of the 10 activities associated with the badge. Note that in a few cases, a particular activity or two may be required for a badge. In such cases, the girl should do the required activities then may select from the remaining activities to complete the required minimum number of activities.

Girls are encouraged to work on badges on their own, as well as with their troop. An adult must sign that a girl has completed the badge requirements. Some troops ask require a girl to give a brief report about how she earned a badge on her own before the badge is awarded.

Signs and awards are special recognitions for more general, or more involved, activities. Some require that the girl first earn a specific badge. For more information, see the Junior Handbook.

The following Junior Badge and activity worksheets were written by local leaders. Feel free to download and adapt for your own purposes:

Participation Patches:

Participation patches are worn on the back of the vest or sash. These patches may be given for special troop activities, Service Unit sponsored events, and Council sponsored Girl Scout programs. There is a patch available for almost any type of activity, should the troop leader be interested in purchasing and distributing them. When Brownies bridge (graduate) to Junior Girl Scouts, they can transfer their participation patches from their Brownie uniform to the back of their Junior vest or sash. "Try-It" badges earned during Brownies are not transferred however.

Activities for Junior:
(Contributed from troop leaders & found on the web)