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Brownie Pin

Ages: 7-8

School level: Grades 2-3

The Brownie Girl Scout level introduces girls to planning and decision-making - and of course, they have plenty of fun with friends! As a Brownie Girl Scout, girls begin to help decide on activities and participate in a simple form of troop government. Brownie Girl Scout activities and programs focus on the discovery of different topics and interests, including outdoor sports, music, science wonders, musical explorations, and communication. Brownie Girl Scouts also take day trips and experience overnight camping. Girls are encouraged to “try” a variety of activities to determine their interests and begin to learn even more about themselves. They are great helpers, enjoy doing service for others, and help raise money for troop activities during the Girl Scout Cookie Sale.


All Girl Scout uniforms are optional. Brownies typically wear either a brown vest or brown sash.



There are 3 books designed for the Brownie age level - a Leaders Guide, a Handbook for Brownies and a Try-It Handbook that describes the many Try-It badges available.

It is up to each troop to decide whether girls need to purchase handbooks. Local libraries often stock these books and some Service Units arrange for exchanges of books between troop leaders.

The Ames-Gilbert Service Unit typically holds a swap meet early in the Fall. This is a good opportunity for new leaders and leaders of troops  that have just bridged to get some of the things they will need.

"Try-It" Badges:

Participation Patches:

Participation patches are worn on the back of the vest or sash. These patches may be given for special troop activities, Service Unit sponsored events, and Council sponsored Girl Scout programs. There is a patch available for almost any type of activity, should the troop leader be interested in purchasing and distributing them. When Brownies bridge (graduate) to Junior Girl Scouts, they can move their participation patches to the back of their Brownie vests.

Activities for Brownies:
(Contributed from troop leaders & found on the web)